With many people working from home and children currently not in school, Hong Kong Ballet (HKB) announced that it will be launching HKBALLET@HOME, an exciting free online channel featuring interactive ballet content, on Facebook. A variety of entertaining shows will be posted on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 3pm.

On Mondays, get ready for Ballet Goes Viral with inspiring talk shows series "Ballet Blahblahblah", hosted by Artistic Director Septime Webre with Company dancers and guest speakers, “Ballerina Chef”, a fun new cooking series with HKB dancers showcasing their hidden talent by sharing their secret recipes, and “Ballet 101” with professional ballet dancers uncovering some common ballet myths.

On Wednesdays, check out Barre Classes Online taught by Company members that children and adults can take at home using only a chair! HKB dancers will teach some classical ballet choreography from pre-beginner to advanced levels.

On Flashback Fridays, relax and get inspired by highlights from our dynamic video archive featuring our vibrant HKB dance artists throughout the years.

Love from HKB

Our Ballet Master Yuh Egami brings together our dancers and members of the Artistic Team for a special Work From Home performance, sending our love and greetings to all parts of the world through DANCE!

14 May (Thu)

Love from HKB

Director & Editing: Yuh Egami
Music: Mike Orange


Every Monday: Ballet Goes Viral

1. ballet-blah-blah-blah

To celebrate its 40th Anniversary, HKB invited founding member Mary Griffiths to share about how the Company began as well as some world-renowned guest artists from International Gala of Stars to share their experiences with Company principal dancers Ye Fei Fei and Li Jiabo. Join us for this compelling series.

2. Ballerina Chef

HKB dancers share their secret recipes and demonstrate their talent in the kitchen! From buying fresh food in the market to serving their favourite dishes on the table, our ballerina chefs will show us their creative cooking styles and how they eat healthy!

3. Ballet 101
The Art of Pointe Shoes

Learn all about pointe shoes and ballet facts in a fun and entertaining way! HKB dancers demonstrate how they prepare and break in their new pointe shoes and answer the most frequently asked questions to uncover some myths about ballet.

HK Ballet Game Show

Get ready for Company dancers to face off in an epic episode of HK Ballet Game Show, featuring a dance competition and ballet quiz round! Dancers will compete to see who can recognise the most ballet music, who can do the best Italian foutté while being distracted by antics from their fellow dancers and much more. If you love games, don’t miss this hilarious five-part series!

16 Mar 3pm

Odette, Odile & Me

Dorothée Gilbert, Etoile, Paris Opera Ballet
Kondo Ako, Principal Artist, The Australian Ballet
Tan Yuanyuan, Principal Dancer, San Francisco Ballet
Ye Feifei, Principal Dancer, Hong Kong Ballet

23 Mar 3pm

My Life as a Male Ballet Dancer

Vitor Luiz, International Ballet Star; Former Principal Dancer, San Francisco Ballet
Osiel Gouneo, Principal Dancer, Bavarian State Ballet
Marcelo Gomes, International Ballet Star; Former Principal Dancer, American Ballet Theatre
Li Jiabo, Principal Dancer, Hong Kong Ballet

30 Mar 3pm (Mon)

Conversation with Hong Kong Ballet Founder Mary Griffiths

Guest: Mary Griffiths, one of the founders of Hong Kong Ballet

6 Apr 3pm (Mon)

Ballerina Chef  
Nana's Kitchen

Nana Sakai, Member of Corps de Ballet
Luis Cabrera, Coryphée

13 Apr 3pm (Mon)

Ballerina Chef  
Li+Ma Kitchen

Li Lin, Principal Dancer
Ma Renjie, Soloist

20 Apr 3pm (Mon)

Ballerina Chef  
Ashleigh's Kitchen

Ashleigh Bennett, Member of Corps de Ballet
Henry Seldon, Member of Corps de Ballet

27 Apr – 11 May
3pm  (Mon)

Ballet 101  - The Art of Pointe Shoes

Part I

Part II

Part III

18 May - 15 Jun (Mon)

Ballet 101  - HK Ballet Game Show

Challenge your ABCs ─ Animals, Balances & Companies

Boys vs Girls

Test your brain and muscles! 

Ballet music battle ground!

Charades with ballet

7 Sep 3pm (Mon)

Ballet Real Talk:
Principal Dancer Wei Wei

Wei Wei, Principal Dancer, Hong Kong Ballet

14 Sep 3pm (Mon)

Ballet Real Talk:
Principal Dancer Venus Villa, Coryphées Reina Sawai & Jonathan Spigner

Venus VillaPrincipal Dancer, Hong Kong Ballet
Reina Sawai, Coryphée, Hong Kong Ballet
Jonathan SpignerCoryphée, Hong Kong Ballet

21 Sep 3pm (Mon)

Ballet Real Talk:
Principal Dancer Ye Feifei

Ye FeifeiPrincipal Dancer, Hong Kong Ballet

28 Sep 3pm (Mon)

Ballet Real Talk:
Coryphée Amber Lewis

Amber LewisCoryphée, Hong Kong Ballet

5 Oct 3pm (Mon)

Ballet Real Talk:
Principal Dancer Shen Jie

Shen JiePrincipal Dancer, Hong Kong Ballet

12 Oct 3pm (Mon)

Ballet Real Talk:
Coryphée Jessica Burrows

Jessica BurrowsCoryphée, Hong Kong Ballet

Every Wednesday: Barre Classes Online

Take ballet classes at home using only a chair! Join HKB dancers Leung Saulong, Cheng Hei Lam Michelle, Ashleigh Bennett and Ballet Master Yuh Egami for a series of exciting online ballet barre classes. Exercise with elegant ballet choreography at Pre-Beginner, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels. Tune in and develop the grace to move beautifully!

18 Mar 3pm (Wed)

Pre-Beginner class 1

Teacher: Leung Saulong
Featured dancers: Stella Chang, Alice Fung

(Conducted in Cantonese)

15 Apr 3pm (Wed)

Pre-Beginner class 2

13 May 3pm (Wed)

Pre-Beginner class 3

25 Mar 3pm (Wed)

Beginner class 1

Teacher: Cheng Hei Lam Michelle
Featured dancers: Alice Fung, Lemuel Ma

(Conducted in Cantonese)

22 Apr 3pm (Wed)

Beginner class 2

1 Apr 3pm (Wed)

Intermediate class 1

Teacher: Ashleigh Bennett
Featured dancers: Leung Sze Chai Cindy, Wong Yuet Tung Jasmine

(Conducted in English)

29 Apr 3pm (Wed)

Intermediate class 2

8 Apr 3pm (Wed)

Advanced class 1

Teacher: Yuh Egami
Featured dancers: Zhang Xuening, Ivana Wong

(Conducted in English)

6 May 3pm (Wed)

Advanced class 2

20 May 3pm (Wed)

Barre Class with Ballet Master Luis R. Torres

Teacher: Luis R. Torres
Featured dancers: Chen Zhiyao, Jackson Dwyer

(Conducted in English)

27 May 3pm (Wed)

Barre Class with Ballet Mistress Tang Min

Teacher: Tang Min
Featured dancers: Yang Ruiqi, Garry Corpuz

(Conducted in English)

3 June 3pm (Wed)

Strengthening Class for Ballet Students

Teacher: Cheng Hei Lam Michelle
Featured dancers: Kung Yin Ching, Pun Long Yin

(Conducted in Cantonese)

10 June 3pm (Wed)

Elementary Barre Class for Kids

Teacher: Leung Saulong
Featured dancers: Kung Yin Ching, Pun Long Yin

(Conducted in Cantonese)

9 Sep 3pm (Wed)

Barre Class with Principal Dancer Wei Wei

Teacher: Wei Wei
Featured dancers: Leung Chunlong, Xu Shentian
Pianist: Nicholas Lau

(Conducted in Mandarin)

16 Sep 3pm (Wed)

Barre Class with Principal Dancer Venus Villa

Teacher: Venus Villa
Featured dancers: Reina Sawai, Jonathan Spigner
Pianist: Nicholas Lau

(Conducted in English)

23 Sep 3pm (Wed)

Barre Class with Principal Dancer Ye Feifei

Teacher: Ye Feifei

(Conducted in Mandarin)

30 Sep 3pm (Wed)

Barre Class with Coryphée Amber Lewis

Teacher: Amber Lewis

(Conducted in English)

7 Oct 3pm (Wed)

Barre Class with Principal Dancer Shen Jie

Teacher: Shen Jie

(Conducted in Mandarin)

14 Oct 3pm (Wed)

Barre Class with Coryphée Jessica Burrows

Teacher: Jessica Burrows

(Conducted in English)


Every Friday: Flashback Friday

Relax with excerpts of the HKB’s classic performances and other amazing videos. Be inspired by the artistic excellence of HKB dance artists!

20 Mar 3pm (Fri)

World Ballet Day 2019 

27 Mar 3pm (Fri)

Hong Kong Ballet’s 40th Anniversary Video

3 Apr 3pm (Fri)

The Unheard Beat

10 Apr (Fri)

Interview with Artistic Director Septime Webre

17 Apr (Fri)

2018/19 Season Brand Campaign Behind-the-scenes

24 Apr (Fri)

Hong Kong Ballet’s 35th Anniversary Video

1 May 3pm (Fri)

Highlights of Classical Ballets I

8 May 3pm (Fri)

Highlights of Contemporary Ballets I

15 May 3pm (Fri)

Highlights of New Story Ballets

22 May 3pm (Fri)

Highlights of The Great Gatsby

29 May 3pm (Fri)

Highlights of Contemporary Ballets II

12 Jun 3pm (Fri)

Highlights of Classical Ballets II

19 Jun 3pm (Fri)

Highlights of ALICE (in wonderland)

11 Sep 3pm (Fri)

Highlights of Classical Ballets III



InTheStudio with Hong Kong Ballet

Join HKB dancers virtually on Zoom on Friday nights from 7pm to 8pm in the rehearsal studio as they tackle a variety of exciting repertoire, from contemporary explorations to thrilling classical works. A lively, interactive Q&A will take place at the end of each rehearsal, giving participants an opportunity to more closely engage with the artists. See how the artistic process and choreography is shaped and polished. This fascinating series can also provide valuable insights to ballet fans and shed light on the beauty of the dance process.

18 Sep 7pm (Fri) Via Zoom

Annabelle Lopez Ochoa’s Sombrerisimo
(More details about the Zoom registration will be announced soon.)


Special Series

HK Ballet x PUMA Ballet Workout Series

Hong Kong Ballet will partner with PUMA for an exciting "HK Ballet x PUMA Ballet Workout Series" for kids and adults, focusing on flexibility training and core and muscle strengthening.

2 June 3pm (Tue)

HK Ballet x Puma Ballet Workout

Teachers: LAI Pui Ki Peggy, Yuen Ao Xin Hennes

16 June 3pm (Tue)

HK Ballet x Puma Ballet Workout

Teacher: Leung Saulong
Featured dancer: Kung Yin Ching 

Bespoke Ballet Video Sponsor


HK Ballet x Perrier-Jouët Champagne
Ballet Summer Cocktail Special Episode

Make your own unique cocktails at home to cool off in the summer heat! In our HK Ballet x Perrier-Jouët Champagne Ballet Summer Cocktail Special Episode, dancers Amber Lewis and Ma Renjie become mixologists and teach you how to make two refreshing, delicious summer cocktails─'Ambrosia' and 'Ballerina', while sharing some humourous drinking tales and personal Hong Kong stories.

4 Aug (Tue)

HK Ballet x Perrier-Jouët Champagne
Ballet Summer Cocktail Special Episode

Dancers: Amber Lewis, Ma Renjie

Bespoke Ballet Video Sponsor

HK Ballet x M·A·C
Romeo + Juliet Ballet Make-Up Series

EP1: Romantic Date Make-Up

Want to have perfect make-up for a date? In HK Ballet x M·A·C Romeo + Juliet Ballet Make-Up Series, Principal Dancers Chen Zhiyao and Shen Jie, who play Romeo and Juliet in our upcoming production, teach you how to do your make-up to create a luminous evening look inspired by Romeo + Juliet, so that you can look your best on your date!

EP2: Glamorous Party Make-Up

Be the center of attention at every party! In the second episode of HK Ballet x M·A·C Romeo + Juliet Ballet Make-Up Series, dancers Wang Qingxin and Cheng Hei Lam Michelle show you how to create an elegant party look inspired by Romeo + Juliet while playing a fun but challenging Q&A game. Doing your own make-up has never been this much fun!

14 Aug (Fri)

EP1: Romantic Date Make-Up

Dancers: Chen Zhiyao, Shen Jie

28 Aug (Fri)

EP2: Glamorous Party Make-Up

Dancers: Wang Qingxin, Cheng Hei Lam Michelle

Bespoke Ballet Video Sponsor

For more information and the programming schedule, please visit this website or the HKB Facebook page. Join us and enjoy the joy of ballet at home!

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