Accessibility Fund 

Gold Donor

Ms Lynn Fu

Sapphire Donors

Mrs Cathy Lee
Yvonne Lui Trust

Ruby Donors

Mr Samuel Leung
Mr Seasick and Ms Mirror


Dancers’ Sponsorship Fund

Gold Patron

Mr Justin D'Agostino, MH

Bronze Patron


Sapphire Patrons

Mrs Radhe Chellaram
Mr Kawahara Kunihiko
Miss Wendy Leung Wing Shan

Ruby Patrons

Mr & Mrs Bryan Lo
Mr & Mrs Nate and J'nee Easter
Mr Jean-Raymond Helly
Mrs Chai Santos-Hall
Savio Family
Dr Jacqueline Sitt


Development Fund

Diamond Donors

Elaine Forsgate Marden
The ADM Capital Foundation

Gold Donor

David Tse Young Chou Annual Giving Fund

Silver Donors

Mr Simon Clarke
Ms Lynn Fu
Mr Tony Luk

Bronze Donor

Mrs Michelle Miller Erb

Ruby Donors

Mr Tim Weinert-Aplin and Ms Michelle Wan
Dr Cheung Kar Chun Patrick
Mr Jean-Raymond Helly
Dr LEE Wan Fai Walter
Mr Gary L. Miles
Ms Maggie Duo Song

Student Ticket Fund

Bronze Donors

Ms Phyllis Kimberley Wang

Sapphire Donors

Mrs Veronica Shih Lam
L’ECOLE Asia Pacific, School of Jewelry Arts

Ruby Donors

Mr Cheng Tin San and Little Bear

Ms Sharmini Chetwode
Ms Adrienne Li
Miss Kelly Qi
Mrs Anna Chan Sheh
Mrs Alicia Knapp Bonilla Wieser

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