16-18.8.2019 (Fri-Sun) 7:30pm
17-18.8.2019 (Sat-Sun) 2:30pm
Grand Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre
(with live accompaniment)

23-25.8.2019 (Fri-Sun) 7:30pm
24-25.8.2019 (Sat-Sun) 2:30pm
Auditorium, Sha Tin Town Hall
(recorded music)
Grand Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre
$1,000 (Limited VIP Tickets),
$680, $480, $280, $140

Auditorium, Sha Tin Town Hall
$320, $220, $120
Suitable for ages 3 and above

Tickets available at URBTIX from 21 June 2019

"All children, except one, grow up"

Take a high-flying adventure to Neverland with the Asian premiere of Septime Webre’s Peter Pan! Bursting with irresistible freshness and fizz, this new take on J.M. Barrie's classic tale transports you to an island of cheeky pirates, Indian princesses and naughty boys who don't want to grow up. Meet Tinkerbell with her magical pixie dust and Captain Hook pursued by the hungry Crocodile!

Peter Pan features extravagant new costumes by Liz Vandal, whose ALICE (in wonderland) designs wowed Hong Kong audiences last season and won 'Outstanding Costume Design' at the 21st Hong Kong Dance Awards, as well as spectacular new sets by Holly Highfill that bring Neverland to life. With vibrant choreography that combines classical ballet, clever slapstick and a touch of hip hop set to an original sweeping score by Carmon DeLeone and performed live by Hong Kong Sinfonietta, this breathtaking production follows the adventurous Peter Pan through various hijinks with humour and heart. Perfect for the whole family!

Hong Kong
Centre performances
16 Aug 7:30pm
17 Aug 7:30pm
17 Aug 2:30pm
18 Aug 2:30pm
18 Aug 7:30pm
Peter PanShen JieLi LinLuis Cabrera
Wendy DarlingVenus VillaChen ZhiyaoYang Ruiqi
Princess Tiger LilyChen ZhiyaoWang QingxinAmber Lewis
TinkerbellKim EunsilKim EunsilMiyako Tamamura
Captain HookLuis R. TorresGarry CorpuzWei Wei
John DarlingKan Ka Kit JordanYuh EgamiLin Chang-yuan Kyle
Michael DarlingNicolas YuNicolas YuPun Long Yin
Nana the DogForrest Rain OliverosHenry SeldonEthan Chudnow
CrocodileForrest Rain OliverosHenry SeldonEthan Chudnow

Sha Tin Town Hall

23 Aug 7:30pm
24 Aug 7:30pm
25 Aug 7:30pm24 Aug 2:30pm
25 Aug 2:30pm
Peter PanShen JieLi LinLuis Cabrera
Wendy DarlingVenus VillaChen ZhiyaoYang Ruiqi
Princess Tiger LilyChen ZhiyaoWang QingxinAmber Lewis
TinkerbellKim EunsilKim EunsilMiyako Tamamura
Captain HookLuis R. TorresLuis R. Torres*Wei Wei
John DarlingKan Ka Kit JordanYuh EgamiLin Chang-yuan Kyle
Michael DarlingNicolas YuNicolas YuPun Long Yin
Nana the DogEthan Chudnow*Henry SeldonEthan Chudnow
CrocodileEthan Chudnow*Henry SeldonEthan Chudnow
*Cast changed

Download House Programme (PDF, 11MB)


As the curtain rises in the Darling nursery,John and Michael are fighting a pirates’duel to the finish when Wendy and Nana the dog join in the commotion. Mr and Mrs Darling and Liza, the maid, come in to wish the children goodnight.

Suddenly, a chilly wind blows the window open, and Tinkerbell flies in, scattering her fairy dust around the room, followed by Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up. Peter Pan is looking for his shadow, which he think she lost there and hasn’t seen in a long, longtime. After a search, Peter finds his shadow,but when he tries to put it on, it won’t stick.Wendy awakens and, seeing his dilemma,sews his shadow on with a needle and thread.

When the boys wake up, Peter teaches the children to fly. They soar around the room and then fly out the window toward Neverland—past the second star on the right and straight on until the morning.

Arriving in Neverland, Tinkerbell and her coterie of fairies and spirits fly through the trees, as Peter and the Darling children encounter the Lost Boys, who think Wendy is a bird and shoot her with a bow and arrow.Tinkerbell heals Wendy with her fairy magic,and they all dance and celebrate.

When the pirates march onto the scene, led by Peter’s enemy, Captain Hook, the group scatters. The pirates are looking for a fight with Peter but run when they hear a ticking sound and see the crocodile that ate Captain Hook’s hand and also swallowed a clock.

Soon, Tiger Lily and the Indian Maiden sappear in the moonlight, and the pirates surprise them and capture Tiger Lily. Seeing her distress, Peter disguises himself as a nymph to distract Captain Hook and rescues Tiger Lily. The Lost Boys and Indians celebrate, while Captain Hook vows revenge.


Wendy teaches the Lost Boys to dance and then reads them a bedtime story. As they all drift to sleep, the evil pirates creep in and capture Wendy, John, Michael, and the Lost Boys. Frantic about this turn of events,Tinkerbell pleas with Peter to save them.

The pirates dance aboard the ship and threaten to make the children walk the gangplank. Peter flies in to save them, and a sword fight ensues. Peter and the Lost Boys are victorious, and Captain Hook is pushed overboard, much to the glee of his enemy,the crocodile. Wendy becomes homesick and realizes she and her brothers cannot remain children forever and must return home. Peter claims he will never grow up.Wendy and the Darling boys fly away.

Mr and Mrs Darling are grief stricken over the disappearance of their children when suddenly the children appear, and there is a joyful reunion. As Wendy looks back, she sees Peter through the window and realizes the child within her will always remain.

Choreography: Septime Webre
Music: Carmon DeLeone
Costume Design: Liz Vandal
Set Design: Holly Highfill
Lighting Design: Trad Burns 
Live Accompaniment: Hong Kong Sinfonietta
Conductor: Gerry Cornelius
  • Dancer: Wei Wei as Captain Hook | Creative: Design Army | Photography: Dean Alexander
    Dancer: Wei Wei as Captain Hook | Creative: Design Army | Photography: Dean Alexander
  • Dancer: Yang Ruiqi as Tinkerbell | Creative: Design Army | Photography: Dean Alexander
    Dancer: Yang Ruiqi as Tinkerbell | Creative: Design Army | Photography: Dean Alexander

Peter Pan Open Rehearsals

19 & 26.7.2019 Fri 5:30pm

Dance Studio 6, The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

Attend an interactive working rehearsal of the first production of our 40th anniversary season - Peter PanGet ready for a magical adventure to the world of Peter Pan, created by our Artistic Director Septime Webre.

Conducted in English

Limited capacity, advanced registration required

Free admission

Enroll now 

Special Events


Peter Pan Ballet Exhibition – A Fearless Adventure Guide to Neverland
From now till 7.9.2019
G/F, Lee Garden One
2/F, Lee Garden Two

Who will you meet on the fantasy island of Neverland? Come get an exclusive behind-the-scenes experience at the newest Hong Kong Ballet production that everyone’s talking about! This special exhibit showcases how the high-flying Asian premiere of Peter Pan was brought to life, the stunning sets of the charming Darling home and thrilling pirate ship, and the show’s memorable characters, including the forever young Peter Pan, courageous Wendy, magical fairy Tinkerbell, villainous Captain Hook, Nana the Dog and hungry Crocodile. This captivating family-friendly exhibition introduces children to the world of Peter Pan in an exciting and engaging way!

Peter Pan Exhibition Tours & Meet-The-Characters
3.8.2019 Sat
2:00pm – 2:30pm | 3:30pm – 4:00pm
G/F, Lee Garden One
2/F, Lee Garden Two

There’s something magical about seeing a child’s face light up when they meet Peter Pan, Tinkerbell and Captain Hook live in person! Young guests will learn more about Peter Pan’s adventure-filled storyline, its whimsical main characters and some ballet mime from the stage production as they walk through the exhibition areas guided by their new friends. Children will also have the opportunity to take photos with the stars of Peter Pan! For free entry, follow Lee Gardens Association on Instagram or Facebook, and get a Lee Gardens Kids Passbook from Lee Garden Two! 

Limited capacity. First-come, first-served. 

Peter Pan Ballet Workshops 
10.8.2019 Sat
3:00pm – 4:00pm 
2/F, Lee Garden Two

Children will enjoy a meaningful experience learning more about the world of ballet and Peter Pan through fun dance movements, engaging storytelling, energetic music and sparkling costumes. Guests will also create their own Peter Pan custom props inspired by the production.

Receive 1 workshop pass with 2 Piggy Stamps on the Lee Gardens Kids Passbook. Each Piggy Stamp is redeemed with every HK$500 spending by electronic payment in a single receipt at kids' fashion & lifestyle shops at Lee Garden Two and Three.

For children aged 3-8. Parents are welcome to join.
Limited capacity. First-come, first-served.

Peter Pan Ballet Fun Day
7.9.2019 Sat*
Lee Gardens Area

Join us for a family fun day filled with adventures! Featuring exclusive ballet workshops and a lively parade with your favourite Peter Pan characters, this event also offers exciting live performances from the production. Don’t miss this opportunity for close-up photos with Peter Pan’s colourful characters!

Peter Pan Ballet Performances and Parade
7.9.2019 Sat*
1/F Atrium, Hysan Place

Take in sensational sights and sounds at a lively parade with incredible performances starring Peter Pan and his friends! Come join us on this high-energy procession, and wave to Tinkerbell, Captain Hook and of course, Peter Pan, the boy who never wants to grow up!

* Peter Pan Ballet Fun Day, originally scheduled to be held on 31.8.2019, will be postponed to 7.9.2019 (Sat).

Terms & Conditions apply. Events and offers are subject to change without prior notice. Please visit the Lee Gardens website for details. In case of any dispute, Lee Gardens Association Limited and Hysan Marketing Services Limited reserves the right to make final decision.
Enquiries: info@leegardens.hk  | Website: leegardens.com.hk

Joint Promotional Offer

Pre or Post Ballet Dining Options at InterContinental Hong Kong
Ticket holders of this productioin can enjoy 15% off food & beverage in all restaurants and bars at InterContinental Hong Kong before or after performance upon presentation of their tickets on the performance date. For details, please call 2313 2323 for details.

Special Privilege

For $1,000 VIP Ticket-holders 
Present your ticket stub to Hong Kong Ballet’s reception counter (Level 2 Foyer, Hong Kong Cultural Centre) before the end of intermission to receive a coupon for a free drink. Each ticket stub is valid for one free drink only.